We combine great culture and innovative
technology to create amazing products.

FireID is a technology incubator based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We focus on the development and commercialisation of innovative and disruptive technologies. We operate across a number of industries where we help our clients to take advantage of new technology trends. Our success is driven by a committed and dynamic team who are passionate about creating products that have major impact.

FireID is currently focused on 4 opportunities

Journey helps organisations to rapidly build custom enterprise mobile apps for streamlining business processes — enabling data capturing, workflows, decision support and the creation of electronic documents. Enterprises around the globe rely on Journey’s technology to implement their mobility strategies.

SnapScan provides secure and convenient mobile payments. With SnapScan users can pay using only their phones; they don’t need to carry cash, load a wallet or worry about a card being skimmed. SnapScan won the 2013 award for the best app at the annual South African App of the Year awards.

Switchless leverages digital crypto currencies to create next generation financial services products, providing switchless (decentralised) exchanges, wallet accounts and other financial services products to large financial institutions. Switchless technology integrates deeply into existing banking networks.

FireWorks uses new technology, market trends and partnerships to rapidly create innovative new businesses. We work closely with selected partners to quickly develop new technical solutions and businesses and integrate them into their existing networks and assets.

Clients and Partners

Our clients are diverse, ranging from small family-owned businesses to large listed multinationals. We often partner with established firms to help them deliver new products to their customers. For many of our clients we act as a bridge between new, innovative technology and the large scale systems and processes required in high-trust corporate environments.

Recent Exit

Pondering Panda is a consumer insights company that uses the connectedness of mobile & digital technology, to find out what people really think. Using the best analytical approaches, Pondering Panda delivers valuable market research insights to brands like KFC and Coca Cola.

History and Growth

FireID was established in 2011, when the founders acquired FireID (Pty) Ltd, a mobile security pioneer. This security business, subsequently spun off as FireID Security, became one of the first incubation projects under FireID.

In the subsequent years, FireID has expanded into numerous sectors, spanning mobile security, low-cost banking, market research, mobile payments, digital currencies, gesture interaction and mobile field service. Our team has grown from an initial group of five to thirty-two. During this time we have remained focused on delivering innovative technology to the market.

FireID has been debt free and profitable since its inception in 2011. We follow a strategy of sustainable, organic growth — avoiding debt or equity financing as a growth mechanism.

When faced with a choice to acquire new skills, we prefer to grow skills in-house whenever possible and encourage our people to pursue learning in multiple areas of expertise. This approach has allowed us to contribute to diverse domains in a relatively short period of time.

At FireID we

  -  Create valuable things that make the world better
  -  Work with awesome people in a great environment
  -  Have fun, be challenged and learn frequently
  -  Grow company value and personal wealth

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